From insight, opportunity

What we do

Trading equity derivatives is one of the most open and competitive businesses there is. We analyze large sets of data, cut through complexity and offer simplicity. Our insights are based on our own proprietary models. We utilize both qualitative and quantitative analysis to provide you with distinct trade ideas.


We take pride that our services are provided in a manner that doesn’t impose hidden costs. EQT Option is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account anytime. It’s crucial to us that interactions at EQT Option, and interactions between our people and others, are conducted with integrity.


EQT Option manages risk in a sensible manner. We are exceptionally conservative when it comes to risks that might harm the reputation or long-term viability of the firm. However, we are audacious when it comes to non-firm-threatening risk. Our risk beliefs also include an ethical as well as a practical dimension. We do not believe in taking exorbitant risk knowing that others will bear the downside.